New Year, New You, New Discovery ~ Online Course

29th & 30th April 2021

Journey Within, New Jersey

10am-3pm Eastern time / 3pm – 8pm UK time each day

As we move through a New Year of change, it’s a time of reflection and also positivity of new horizons and possibilities. With a different mind-set we start to approach life differently and that will include our attitude and approach to our Mediumship and our connection with those in the spirit world. Positive approaches bring positive responses so this course is aimed at seeing things through different eyes, opening your mind to new beginnings and new experiences. As you recognise the evolvement of yourself you will start to discover the many new experiences with the spirit world as well as your relationship with them. Looking at our 1-2-1 sittings through different eyes will enable us to recognise so much more in where we are with our work.


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