Trusting Your Mediumship ~ Online Course

18th November 2020

4 hour class

10.00am-2.00pm Eastern time / 3.00pm-7.00pm UK time

$60 No Refunds

The hardest part of our work is trusting the connection we have and our evidence to work with. So many times we feel as if we are making things up, that nobody will understand what we are about to say or even recognise who we describe. It feels like the scariest place to be, yet we still want to embrace that moment and experience something quite wonderful. This class is to help you not decide what to say, not to analyse the evidence until you understand it and not hold back on things that you get but don’t verbalise. This day is about being brave, discovering what you can experience and develop rather than eliminate and delete. Grab  the moment with both hands and trust when taking that brave step to totally surrender to the spirit world. You never know… may actually love it!


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