Being the Psychic, Being the Medium and Being More ~ Online Course

24th & 25th February – 2 Day class, 5hrs per day

10.00am-3.00pm Eastern time / 3.00pm-8.00pm UK time

Whether you feel your strength is as the Psychic or the Medium, the reality is that we are all more than just that. But learning how to get the best out of ourselves and the ways that we work are not always so clear to us. We play a much bigger role’ in those moments with people as we become their ‘safe place’, we understand them and their grief or situation, we become their healer where our words are concerned and many more things in the short time they are with us. These classes are to help you deepen in both the Psychic and the Mediumship reading and understand the strength and qualities that you have as an individual that will support your recipients for the time they are with you. Join us to discover the maybe hidden strengths within you and learn how to bring that into your work to help you recognise the value you bring to others.

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