The Presence, The Essence and You ~ Online Course

Friday 11th to Monday 14th September

3.00pm – 8.00pm UK ~ 10.00am – 3.00pm EDT

Are you looking to bring your spirit communicator ‘alive’ again?
Are you wanting to make everyone feel the presence of the communicator in your work and to touch everyone by the power of their presence?
Then this course is for you!

Focusing on bringing strong evidence in your contacts has been the main goal for every worker, but there is an equal need to bring more feeling into our work. This course will be the chance to give time and attention to being able to bring the person from the spirit world alive again. By describing the essence of them and having the presence of them felt in those few moments could change so much in your work. On this course we will be focusing on how to work more with the feeling and emotion that will also help to build the power for a greater understanding of your connection and your communicator to bring the story of their life back to life. Remembering these people lived and loved and being able to share that once again is something that will be so rewarding and satisfying for you as the worker but even more memorable for your recipients. You will be supported in helping you understand how you are working and where to move your focus and attention to achieve this lovely balance of evidence, presence and essence. A magical four days of love and life. Join us for a time of discovery, enrichment, hard work and fun.


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