Masterclass in Mediumship and other spiritual modalities ~ Arthur Findlay College ~ Course 31

Saturday 3rd – Saturday 10th August 2024

It is hoped that this week may prove to be a most exciting and expansive week for all those that attend.

Ideally suited to those who have had a good level of experience either as a student of mediumship and associated subjects and of course those who find themselves working as mediums and psychics to the general public.

During this week we will endeavour to present a number of new and forward thinking concepts that might change the way you view your own spirit work, deepening your connection with those in the other realm and offering an opportunity to expand the level of information that you currently provide.

Presented in a series of lectures and tutorials followed by an opportunity to apply the new teachings to your work will be offered, all within a supportive environment where your views and opinions will be honoured. This will prove most useful whilst discussing how we might move forward in our work including more enlightened concepts in our spirit work.

Opportunities to practice not only mediumship but other spiritual modalities will be encouraged. Together with group readings and one to ones covering a whole array of spiritual subjects including the expanding intelligence of the other world, greater inclusion of spirit guardians and guides, examining the potential for spiritual growth and greater understanding of why we are truly here upon Earth ultimately offering a far more informed and intelligently crafted reading to your future recipients.

Do you feel this course is for you? Please come with an open mind and willingness to share.

I hope that each of you that attend will be able to add something quite unique to this program of expanding thoughts, greater connections, and an ability to present the presence of spirit in a way that fells real and authentic to our changing audiences and seekers of truth…

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