**Greek Island Cruise***

**Greek Island Cruise***

“New Workshop Opportunity” with world class team.

Lynn Probert, James Van Praagh and Tony Stockwell


‘A Spirit Journey through Ancient Times’

A Greek Islands Cruise


As your world-renowned psychic team escorts you through the ageless cities of Rome and Naples we also venture forward and explore the magical and mythical islands of Greece.


Delving through time and space, we will guide you to the“inner world”of your soul, exploring different levels of awareness and increasing your personal connection in exclusive group work, hours of tried and true exercises directed toward blending with the spirit world, receiving messages from them, setting up daily signs with your unseen friends and reliving incredible past life memories and so much more to inspire and ignite your soul.


The loving miracles created as the spirit people communicate with the living are truly amazing! So, if you are ready for a lifechanging journey, please take your place. We are so honoured to share in this life moving experience, and assist you in creating new memories for the future.


FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE GO TO http://events.lifejourneys.net/JVPraagh/Greece2017/