Demonstration and Presentation – Course 1 – 2020 Fri 17th Jan – Sun 19th Jan

Demonstration and Presentation

Arthur Findley College Course 1

Fri 17th Jan – Sun 19th Jan

Course Organiser : Lynn Probert CSNU Tutors : Tony Stockwell CSNU & Chris Drew CSNU

A demonstration is the showcase for your Mediumship and you and your presence and professionalism is what’s needed each time you stand up to represent the spirit world in your demonstrations, along with your information. We will be working to combine the detailed evidence along with the presence and essence of the spirit communicator. One message moves many, so we will be aiming to help you work in bringing that person alive again so that everyone feels the power of their presence in the room regardless of whether it’s their message or not. Looking at different ways to place your contacts with more accuracy and keeping the audience engaged and interested throughout the duration of your work is also something that will be looked at, along with:

• Deepening evidence and remaining in the power of the communicator

• Working with more than one communicator

• Manage an audience and adapting to your working space

• Handling difficult situations and recipients

• Stage presence and delivery

• Timings of your contacts and length of time to find recipients

If yo’re already demonstrating or are just about to take that step, then this is the course for you (This is not for beginners).

Join us for a time of growth and discovery in your work supported by a team of tutors with a wealth of exerience in Public Demonstrating that they are more than willing to share with you.

I look forward to you joining us!