Saturday 9th - Saturday 16th May 2020

9th – 16th May 2020 (Course 19a) Japanese Week – Arthur Findlay College

This year will be our 8th year of Japanese Week at The Arthur Findlay College and this course is becoming even more popular as students recognise the variety of good teaching available to them. This year the college is pleased to introduce Chris Drew as the new Course Organiser for Japanese Week, he is excited […]

Saturday 6th - Saturday 13th June 2020

6th – 13th June 2020 (Course 23) Spirit of Summer – Arthur Findlay College

Course Suitable for all Levels Including Beginners Tony Stockwell and his guest tutors are delighted to offer an informative, uplifting and fun week celebrating the diversity of working with the spirit world and all it has to offer. ‘The Spirit of Summer’ is a course designed to bring people together with the common goal of […]