Lynn Probert Psychic Medium

About Lynn

Lynn although based in the UK can be seen working all around the world both teaching and demonstrating mediumship.

Lynn is renowned for both her accuracy and detail in providing information and evidence from the spirit world and her ability to bring the true essence of the person ‘alive’ again with her empathic manner and respect in all she does.

As a tutor her nurturing manner and encouragement has proved invaluable in helping students understand their own awareness and potential, but more importantly to aid them in believing and trusting themselves in their development. Her honesty, compassion, and commitment to her work with the spirit world has made her a very popular tutor and demonstrator and she has appeared as a guest on TV, Radio and Theatre shows both independently and with fellow colleagues in amongst others the UK, America, Australia and many parts of Mainland Europe.

Alongside her annual Global seminars, Lynn is an approved tutor at ‘The Arthur Findlay College’ – Stansted Hall. The college has an enviable reputation throughout the world for it’s excellence in mediumship teaching and demonstrating, and is known by many internationally as the home of British Spiritualism.

Lynn grew up in South West London, part of a close-knit family, and although she had a ‘knowing’ and intuitive sense at a young age, this seemed quite normal to her. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary in her life until in her teens. She started to become more aware of things that she ‘just knew’ but had no understanding as to why or equally from where this ‘knowing’ was emanating.

16 was a turning point for Lynn who became very aware that a close member of her family was not going to live to a great age. That, in itself, is alarming but the difference was Lynn’s acceptance of this ‘knowing’ and the feeling of the need to prepare herself for when that time came, whenever that would be.

This turning point started the hunger to search for her need to understand and to embrace this part of her being, the part she felt was the missing part of who she was.

Over time Lynn attended a local development group. Through guidance, help and encouragement of this development group, she also started to attend workshops and seminars as often as possible to satisfy this hunger inside her. This grounding proved invaluable to her personal development taking every opportunity to enhance her understanding of the Spirit World and how to build a greater understanding of how she connected with them.

Lynn started to understand her experiences and more importantly ‘who’ she was becoming as a Medium. Mediumship is not just about the development of your ability to communicate with the Spirit World, but also about developing the relationship with yourself and learning to understand and know who you are. An enriching process but not a road to be rushed in any way!

Lynn now demonstrates her mediumship internationally and never stops being amazed by the excitement she feels when working with the spirit world, or the passion that ignites within her whilst working that’s created by both sides of life. We all strive to make a difference in life, but to make a difference to someone’s grief or grieving process is immeasurable.

Lynn continually strives to improve her mediumship to bring that union of two people together again. It’s the recollection of memories that tie people together and speaking of a forgotten memory on behalf of the spirit world. To see the smile of recollection and remembrance on a recipient’s face is extremely heart-warming.

Lynn continues to work tirelessly to show, through her mediumship, that life is continuous and the existence of our loved ones is eternal. She strives, through all aspects of her work to provide the one thing we all search for, that our loved ones have not gone forever.

Lynn runs her own seminars and workshops on mediumship development and is regularly invited to join international teaching teams on seminars. She provides the support and encouragement needed by all students when working with our sensitivity and has a very down to earth, no frills approach to development. Keeping things simple and clear seems to come easy to Lynn and that’s why she loves teaching and encouraging those she meets all around the world in their search of their own understanding.

Lynn lives in West Sussex with her Husband. With his support, along with three sons and seven grandchildren she is kept busy in both her work and her personal life. However hectic life gets for Lynn she wouldn’t change this path of continual learning!

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